Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The End

Ever get that feeling that you just want to start something, but never get around to it? I get that feeling plenty of times. Awkward GM originally started back when I was still in college at the start of my addiction to tabletop games. Since then I've branched to a lot more systems and have found myself looking for an outlet to express myself.

Let me get to the point, this blog is mainly going to be covering the following:

  • Tabletop RPGs - Ranging from the new to the old to the obscure to the weird. Unlike most people my first RPG was based off of the Red Dwarf game, my current game of choice is Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
  • Wargaming - Specifically Malifaux and Warhammer 40k. Though I dabble in other systems from time to time.
  • Video Games - I'm a PC gamer by most accounts, but have been playing Playstation and Nintendo for as long as I can remember.
Typically you'll see homebrew rules, rules debates, tactics analysis, and the occasional game design tidbit. You probably won't see much news, leaks, or reviews here. Other sites have been doing those for a long time.

I hope that this is not the first of my blogposts you read. There should be many more to come later down the line.

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