Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dark Sunday: Eyes of the Ally

Dark Sundays are where I show off homebrew ideas for the Dungeons and Dragons' Dark Sun campaign setting. 
Eyes of the Ally, image from Trinket Geek.


Masters of the Way were known for their ingenious ways of utilizing Psionicly resonate crystals. One such master was an accomplished bowman, his skills were legendary, but he for saw a problem if his Patron was asked to meet a contact alone. 

So he created two necklaces. One worn by his patron and one by him. He could see through his patrons eyes and always hit those threatening him no matter the range or obstructions.


These are wondrous objects that are rare to see on Athas. The two gems are indistinguishable from one another except that one is open and the other is closed. 

Once per charge, the person wearing the open eye is considered the point of origin for one non-magic ranged attack action by the person wearing the closed eye. No matter what type of weapon is used the damage is considered psychic. No spell effects can be sent through the eye(i.e. Magic Missile, Silence, Polymorph, Ensnaring Strike). If the weapon is a magical weapon this restriction is ignored for magical enchantments already built in to the weapon.(i.e. Arrow of Slaying).

As a bonus action without expending any charges, the person wearing the closed eye can see everything that the person wearing the open eye can see. This does not extend to hearing, touch, taste, or smell.

A spell that can scry or find a person when used on someone wearing this will show the location of both wearers.

1d8 charges per day. It may regain charges even if it has reached 0.

Ways to Introduce:

  • A patron is looking to have some protection on a deal where he was told to bring no bodyguards. He will wear the open eye during the meeting. A kidnapping or assassination attempt could occur.
  • Out in the wilderness the party finds a man who looks to have been shot by arrows. He is wearing the necklace of the open eye. An unknown enemy has the closed eye. If a party member decides to wear the necklace it is possible for this enemy to gain beneficial knowledge or find the location of targets.
So what do you guys think? Please post any critiques in the comment section below.

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