Saturday, December 6, 2014

Miniature Corner: Pathfinder Red Dragon

This year at my work we are doing a Yankee Swap. This is what I am bringing. Shhh! Don't tell anyone.
The Red Dragon
Find it at Reaper Miniatures.

Overall it took me 3-4 hours to crank this out. The red is a combination of Mephiston and Khorne Red from the GW paint line. The horns and breast are Kisley Flesh, though the horns and claws have a wash of Ogryn Flesh(No Longer Available) over them. The wings themselves were Squig Orange. The yes were Abaddon Black for the pupil and Moot Green for the iris. I'm not sure if green was a good choice.

Base and scenery pieces were done with Typhus Corrosion, Mournfang Brown, XV-88, Caledor Sky, and Guilliman Blue.

Side Bar

What is your favorite dragon?

Mine definitely has to be The Dragon of Tyr. Maybe its because he is the only Dragon on Athas, but really I think it has to do with the origins of Dragons on Athas.

Spoiler alert, in Dark Sun powerful sorcerers turn into dragons.

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