Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rise of the Dark Sun

Back in the 2010, I had only played a few tabletop roleplaying games. In fact I had stayed away from Dungeons and Dragons for a couple of reasons. First off was that I wasn't much of a fantasy fan, but mostly the Dungeon Masters that I had seen running the game yelled at players for not playing the game the way they did. In retrospect it was not the games fault that the guys organize them were jerks.

Around that time a roommate of mine introduced me to the Dungeon and Dragons podcasts done by the guys from Penny Arcade and PVP. I told him I didn't like elves and magic, to which he pointed me to the Dark Sun episodes.

4th Edition Campaign Book
And he sold me. The setting was interesting and unique, no elves prancing around talking about fae creatures it was about desolation and survival in an unforgiving godless world. The setting was created back in the 90's and it made a lot of drastic deviations from the core rules of D&D.

Dark Sun was never about high adventure to me it was always about survival. I ran two successful campaigns in Dark Sun and I hope to in the 5th edition of D&D as well. In the coming weeks I hope to create homebrew items and scenarios for Dark Sun to run in 5th edition. Every Sunday will be Dark Sunday.

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